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Moroccan chicken salad: a dish with tasteful difference

July 16, 2017

Most of us don’t have much desire for average salads we eat every day (no matter how healthy they are). Although health experts continue to emphasize the advantages of eating salads, many people prefer other food over salads probably because of the monotony. But, I don’t completely give up on salads; instead, I try tasteful alternatives to the everyday salads; one of my favorites is Moroccan Chicken Salad. 


Moroccan chicken salad, by far, is different from the common salads I have eaten so far. The special (yet easy to find) ingredients make the difference. The main ingredient of this salad is made with perfectly delicate (Moroccan style) chicken thighs with spices. The taste of the chicken will be further improved with apricots (which are honey soaked for added flavor) and red onions. The dressing is done with coriander yogurt to assure a creamy deliciousness that blends perfectly with spicy chicken. If necessary, you can sprinkle some sliced or chopped strawberries over the salad to make it look richer and different. Because of the richness of it carries, Moroccan chicken salad can be presented as a treat for someone special. 


Again, just like with any Moroccan style salad, I feel free to make additions or alternatives.  Since the preparation of apricots is done with orange juice and honey, it offers an impressive taste which is a blend of sweetness and sourness. The chicken thighs (which are the main ingredient of this salad) are seasoned with the help of spices, Moroccan olive oil, and lemon zest, so the taste is unique.  


Depending on the personal interest, just like I do, you can use either roasted pistachio or pine nuts; both of these options have a nice aroma when lightly roasted on a pan before adding to the salad. Usually, the chicken is prepared in tagine and served as slices with a nice dressing made out of apricots, spinach, coriander and more importantly the mayonnaise and yogurt for the creamy experience. 


Why is it healthy?

This particular Moroccan chicken salad contains a considerable amount of green stuff. It contains spinach, coriander, citrus, pistachio etc. to rejuvenate your body. The green stuff contains large amounts of fiber, so I believe and feel it smooth in my digestive system. 


What makes it so delicious?

As I believe, the secret behind the deliciousness of this chicken salad is the combinations of different tastes. Chicken pieces that were seasoned in tagine give a spicy taste while mayonnaise assures a creamy, rich taste. Apricots, Pistachios, and strawberries add further variation to the taste. 


Apart from healthiness and the deliciousness, this Moroccan salad accompanies a very rich look which is compatible with any special occasion. When arranged nicely with the dressing, it gives a gorgeous look to the dining table.


My kids are usually reluctant to eat salads, but, for obvious reasons, they love this Moroccan chicken salad (with some alterations if you need). This Moroccan recipe matches virtually with anybody who is looking for something different from the everyday stuff they eat. 

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