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The beauty of a traditional Moroccan salad Medley

May 20, 2018

I would say, traditional Moroccan salad medley is an absolutely mesmerizing sight for anybody. I really enjoy this gorgeous salad medley as it comes with a variety of colors, shapes, and aromas blended together with a nice tagine setup to make your dining table a very special one. Such arrangement will be suitable to give a special treat to someone or just to enjoy a good meal at home with your loved ones. 


Presentation of Moroccan salad medley can be done in two ways; either you can present separately or have all the varieties arranged in a large single platter (I prefer the second method of course). Basically, there are five salad varieties to use in such arrangements. 


Five salads are used to make a traditional Moroccan salad plate

The traditional salad plate generally consists of five different salads to add variation, great taste, and beautiful appearance. 


  • Rice and Tuna Salad is the core

Rice and tuna salad is considered to be one of the most delicious salads for me. The appearance and the taste of this salad can be changed by substituting the ingredients. For instance, I prefer to use cooked peas instead of bell pepper to garnish this salad. 


  • Moroccan Green Bean Salad to represent GREEN

The Moroccan Green Bean salad comes with a fabulous green color and gives the arrangement fresh appearance. Since I love the taste of spices, I used to add some spices to this salad. However, if you prefer to avoid extra spiciness, just omit the pepper. 


  • Moroccan Potato Salad with white while color

While adding beauty with its white color, Moroccan potato salad makes the medley a very rich one. I use to cover it with mayonnaise, as it gives a creamy value to the medley. Also, I make to smoother by cutting the potatoes into smaller cubes. Hints of spices will make this salad a mouthwatering one.


  • Moroccan Carrot Salad to give a glowing orange color

This is not a hard seasoned salad in the tagine; you may make the cubes pretty small if you expect it to taste better and look better. Be sure to use fresh carrots if you want your salad to taste great. Hints of Moroccan olive oil give it special taste. 


  • Finally, use Moroccan Beet Salad to make the arrangement a complete one

To complete the traditional Moroccan salad medley, I get a beet salad done. Despite the impressive taste it brings, beet salad gives a ‘completed’ look to this rich medley. Again, I prefer to cut the beets into smaller cubes to add good appearance to the arrangement. 


Although I have seen that this medley is served in separate plates, (one salad on each plate), I always prefer to have the whole medley on a large single platter with a nice

setup. Depending on the personal interest, you can customize the salad by adding different verities. However, you must be careful when adding extra spices to the salads as some of the people will not tolerate it. It is all about using creativity and imagination to please your guests. 


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