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Moroccan Vegetable Salad for a truly different experience

July 10, 2017

I am a salad lover. However, I had enough eating regular green salads with same taste and appearance every day. Luckily I found a healthy, delicious and exquisite alternative; the Moroccan Vegetable Salad. 


For many reasons, I consider Moroccan vegetable salad as the best substitute for green salads we eat every day. This unique dish is served as a cold salad. The major ingredients used to make this Moroccan vegetable salad are potato, cucumber, olives and bell peppers. In order to make the salad more exquisite, you can add spices in the form of a dressing (vinaigrette). 


Moroccan vegetable salad matches virtually for any mealtime; have it at home, take it to a potluck or any group meal occasion. Before enjoying the deliciousness of this salad, usually I admire its exquisiteness. The best way to present the salad is by arranging it on a large-sized platter, so the ingredients are properly displayed. When presented nicely, this salad can add glamor to the dining table. It goes nicely with tagine setup too. Beautiful, fresh colors and the shapes of different vegetables look really amazing for everyone. If there are any leftovers by any chance (this rarely happens though), you can simply make it an entirely new salad simply by adding some vinaigrette. Time to time, I used to add or substitute different varieties of vegetables to this salad and ‘customize’ it to the occasion!  


Don’t you worry though – it is not hard to prepare this salad at all! 

Preparation of this Moroccan salad – just like any Moroccan recipe – is simpler than you think. First, get yourself ready with the following. 


  • Two Boiled potatoes and a large cucumber (both varieties are sliced nicely) to make the base of the salad

  • Cubes or wedges of beetroot if you prefer more variation and color

  • Bell peppers of all three colors and about 2/3 cup of pitted olives to improve taste and appearance 

  • Some salt if you want and 3-4 chopped garlic cloves 

  • 6-8 cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

  • One chopped red onion (you can substitute it with a couple of scallions if necessary)

  • Moroccan Olive oil (about 4-5 tablespoons will do) and a touch of white wine vinegar 

  • Lemon juice (squeeze about half a lemon)

  • Chopped fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves and cilantro leaves (one tablespoon each)


Remember; you don’t have to stick to the ingredients mentioned above. Items can be added, removed or substituted depending on the personal preferences. For instance, I don’t like the taste and aroma of coriander leaves, and I simply omit it. 


Do you want to know how I prepare it?

Well, for me, preparation of Moroccan vegetable salad is pretty easy. 

  • Put together the main items (potato, cucumber, beetroot and bell pepper) in a nice way on a large platter. Add the olives too. If you want, you may add some salt.

  • Scatter all the other chopped and sliced ingredients (except mint and coriander leaves) over the main arrangements. Finally, add the Moroccan olive oil and juices (and vinegar). 

  • Leave it in a refrigerator for about an hour before you serve it. Coriander and mint leaves (if you prefer) can be added just before serving


That’s it! Enjoy your fresh, nutritious and beautiful Moroccan vegetable salad. 

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